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Tectonics — the continent to be / Á flekaskilum — verðandi heimsálfa


                      We live where The Eurasian and North American continents meet. The tectonic plates are constantly moving, either

                       coming together or separating. Here, they are drifting apart by approximately one cm between west and east every

                       year, expanding one land by two. Two meters in 100 years. A new continent in one billion years. Tectonic plates

                       convulse, yielding earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. New land is created by magma welling up from the core of the earth.

                       On average there are eruptions every five years. Does this affect us? Always expecting eruptions, earthquakes, lava

                       and meltdowns... We choose to live, love and die on a volcanic island. Participate in the process of a continent to be.

                       We are here as consciousness, human beings at a divergent boundary, simultaneously of the west and the east.

                       With closed eyes I empty my mind and withdraw. Behind my eyelids the colors are bright and clear. I withhold the

                       memory thereof and paint worlds on canvas, shapes like patterns expanding in all directions. Then the painting itself

                       takes over, one begets the next. Little by little the full spectrum of colors appears and I relate paintings to chakras

                       and the sense of their frequencies in colors. Classical, steadfast knowledge in a chaotic world.


                       When will the next eruption be? 

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