Erla Thórarinsdottir is born in Reykjavik 1955. She grew up in Denmark and Sweden, 

studied at Konstfack in Stockholm and Gerrit Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam 1976-81.

Erla was an initiator in the Barbar era in early 80´s Stockholm, then she left for New York where she survived one and a half year, before returning to settle in Iceland. 

She has worked and exhibited n Scandinavia, North Europe, USA, China and India. 

Erla works with space, time and processes where memory, human context and scale is integrated. Within her paintings she has used sheets of silver, building light sensitive bodies and structures that exposed to light and time and whatever is in the air, oxidize and transmute according to circumstances on site. In her art the archaic is present, so is congeniality, and there is a need to communicate contemporaneously to the west and the east. Her practice incorporates painting, photography, textile design, stone works and installations.

Conversation between Birta Gudjonsdottir and Erla Thorarinsdottir in July 2019 both in Icelandic and English




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